YB BUILDERS Honolulu Design/Build Residential Contractor Renovation, Remodeling and Rebuild


Licensed Contractor #C-30033

YB BUILDERS is a locally owned business that was founded in 2007 by our President, Yvette Burdett. Yvette has over 25 years of experience in a variety of construction venues on Oahu, including material sales, specification, design and installation.

Yvette was born and raised on Oahu and is a graduate of Leilehua High School. Early on, she decided to work in the construction industry as a means raising her then newborn daughter Azurae. This career path was a start of an exciting venture for Yvette. Building things with her hands, working with others, problem solving, these were all of the things that drew her attention to the home design and renovation line of work. Although working full time is hard enough for any individual to go to school at the same time, she has been finding the time to pursue her ultimate goal of becoming an architecture here in Hawai'i.

In following her goals, she spent her time working within the industry on O'ahu. Every company she worked for brought knowledge and many first hand experiences that helped to shape an overall understanding of Hawai'i's uniqueness. She has spent time on each trade in the industry studying the combined effects of each and how they connected to form a final finished product. Her mentors provided much needed advice and education about the local market, economy and business culture. She honors the time spent with each mentor who taught her the many reasons why we take care of each other in Hawaii and most importantly how we service our customers who are in need of our service.

Yvette obtained her contractor’s license in 2007 and continues growing her industry knowledge by attending specialty trade classes to stay abreast of new products and current regulations. Yvette received her Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) certification on April 15, 2010 and was one of the first RRP certified females in the Hawaii remodeling industry. The Federal law creating the RRP rule was passed in 2008 and took effect on April 22, 2010. The Environmental Protection Agency's RRP rule requires anyone (remodeling, renovation and painting contractors and most other trades) who works in pre-1978 housing for compensation and who might disturb painted surfaces to become an EPA Certified Renovator by taking a "Lead Safe Work Practices" RRP class from an EPA accredited training provider.

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry in Hawaii, Yvette has formed numerous relationships with local and mainland vendors, as well as knowledge of their current inventories and quality of their products. Yvette has a keen eye for detail and also a good sense of organization, budget and scheduling. You can rely on Yvette to put together a package that works within a budget and is delivered on time. Her business motto is “Spec to Perfect.” She prides herself in her ability to specify the most suitable products based on each individual’s situation. Her background in material sales and design enables her to make the most appropriate suggestions compared to the typical contractor who may lack the knowledge of specialty products and therefore, may not deliver the best value or your investment or worse, install a product that could fail and disappoint your expectations. Yvette states, “Taking pride and ownership in what you do for your client will come back in ten folds when you are most in need.”

Your options are open in discovering solutions available to you as a homeowner and Yvette will be sure to provide you with the confidence you need for your investment in your family’s needs. Please join her in a conversation about your upcoming project to experience the kind of service that everyone homeowner deserves. Inspired Design Masterful Craftsmanship, Experience the Best!

LIC #: C-30033